Certificate in Higher Education

Be prepared to lead and inspire innovation in post-secondary education! 
Ideal for someone interested in working in community colleges or universities, this program prepares students to excel in areas like leadership, administration, distance learning, and furthering education in the higher education sector.
Students who enroll in this certificate program will be equipped to meet the needs of adult learners, faculty, and staff while addressing issues in governance and policy that affect student outcomes in higher education. Students will learn to apply and promote skills in leadership, incorporating collaborative, data-driven decision making influenced by research.

Program Details:

  • Total tuition under $4,300*
  • 6 courses (18 semester credits)
  • Small class sizes to ensure personalized attention
  • High-quality instruction from veteran teachers
  • 100% online, 24/7 access
*Tuition is $235 per credit hour at 18 total credits, for total tuition of $4,230. Total cost of the program, including fees, is $4,830.

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Next Term Starts January 6, 2020