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Whether you want to take courses to satisfy personal or career goals, or if you need continuing education requirements mandated by your state, American College of Education truly “gets” what it’s like to be a teacher! As educators, we know the best curricula is one that is adapted to meet your learning needs and allows you to set the pace.

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  • Our Faculty: Have directed community schools, led universities, consulted with global youth agencies, and pioneered some of the first ever online programs.
  • Our Format: Our programs are completely online; we even use digital texts and materials.
  • Our Reputation: Educators trust us; we are ranked #4 in the nation in conferred M.Ed. degrees.**
  • Our Commitment: We are committed to providing affordable online degree programs that improve educators’ knowledge, skills, and performance. Because we know that the more teachers learn, the more their students learn.

With coursework grounded in current research, you can take the courses you need and design a program that meets your end goal. American College of Education is a trusted source that educators count on to improve skill sets and to specialize in your respective field.

**Based on 2012-13 Conferred Degrees IPEDS data:

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