Ed.S. in Instructional Technology

The Educational Specialist in Instructional Technology degree is designed for leaders who wish to pursue advanced training in research-based methods of instructional technology at the post-master’s level without having to complete a dissertation. You will learn how to integrate technology into educational settings and facilitate experiences for all learners. Students completing the Ed.S. in Instructional Technology will gain experience as a scholar practitioner with the necessary skills to utilize innovative instructional technology methods relevant to a variety of professional settings.

Program Details:

  • Total tuition under $10,500*
  • 34 semester credits
  • Small class sizes to ensure personalized attention
  • High-quality instruction from veteran teachers
A Note About Licensure: While this certificate provides a comprehensive understanding of the intended certificate outcomes, it does not lead to licensure, certification, or endorsement. ACE offers several programs that do provide a pathway to licensure, certification, or endorsement and they can be found here.
Disclaimer: The Ed.S. in Instructional Technology is designed principally for educators or other leaders who already possess licensure or certification as a teacher or school administrator, and who wish to expand their understanding of instructional technology. The degree does not lead to professional licensure, nor does it include an internship. The program is currently not being offered in Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, or Kentucky.

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Next Term Starts January 6, 2020